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  1. Pictures
    Marely 1 year now & Petey 6 months. They're growing up!
  2. Pictures
    Just a few random shots i had in my phone from when i first got Marley at 7 weeks to now. He'll be 9 months on the 21st. Enjoy!
  3. General Discussion
    As some of you know Marley has been battling cancer for the last year. Sadly we are loosing the fight. Surgery is not an option as his tumors have grown inside his ribcage. He has had 2 heart attacks in the last few weeks and is very sick. He has become lethargic and I can tell he is in pain. We...
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    ...ok so I am late but I saw it tonight on tv and ahhhh! What a good movie! I laughed so hard !!! andwhen the dog whined my crew started barking! It was a great movie!!!--sorry if this is a repeat thread but like I said...sometimes I don't always jump on the bandwagon.
  5. Pictures
    I haven't posted any pics of the boys for a while since I've been busy with work and helping my mom out, so here are a few from yesterday. Marley enjoying a bottle of Kessler :) Gunna need some water after that I'm gunna get that thing Ahhhh witch way is it going I've got you now...
  6. Pictures
    So my boy got super spoiled today. Every one gave him lots of love and tons of treats :) He got a brand new pack of tennis balls also. He's not real big on toys but he loves his tennis balls. Here are some pics from today. We flagged down the ice cream man and Marley got a Scooby Doo one :)...
  7. General Discussion
    My best buddy turned 10 years old today :woof::woof: Happy birthday old man. I'll have some pics up later on tonight :)
  8. Pictures
    Marley loves watching the Dragons. He will sit in front of the tank all day if I let him. Today we were feeding them their mice and Aryan came to watch too. These two were cracking me up :) Mrs Burgundy trying to be oh so sneaky lol Thanks for looking :)
  9. Pictures
    This is the new addition to our house hold. His name is Monkey and he is a main **** mix. He's very sweet and has taken to Marley very well. They have been playing all morning :) Thanks for looking :)
  10. Pictures
    Here's a few of Marley playing with his ball in the pool. he's so funny he will dig at the water until the ball gets close enough to the top of the water where he can grab it.He hates getting his face wet :) And a few randoms Thanks for looking
  11. General Discussion
    I was out in the yard playing flirt pole with the boys and Marley ran off. I thought he was going to get a drink but he came running back with something in his mouth. I told him to drop it and bent down to see what it was, it looked like an old stuffed animal covered in dirt but when I got...
  12. Pictures
    I took Marley to my mom's yesterday and he visited with his sister Gretta so I snapped a few pics :D This is little Gretta Mmmmmmmmm is that chicken I smell? Thanks for looking
  13. Pictures
    I was getting ready for bed and when I came back out Aryan was in bed with Marley. He was cleaning her and acting like she was his baby lol. He's such a good boy he's always loved his kitties. :D Thanks for looking :D
  14. Pictures
    Here's some pics of Marley being a silly old man, he was really zoomin lol. Thanks for looking :D
  15. General Discussion
    Good news every one everything is going to be ok. No cataracts his eye test went good. They put this weird stuff in his eyes that made the white parts turn green and then you could see little scratches. I guess he got scratched in both eyes and his eyes were making extra eye booger stuff making...
  16. General Discussion
    Last night we were just watching tv like normal and the dogs had some bones. I always set them up so their not too close to each other to avoid any sort of fight, they have always been fine no aggression. But the cat walked by and started sniffing his blanket and he turned around and showed her...
  17. Pictures
    Sprocket has a facebook page with her pics on it. If you are intersted in following her posts shoot me an IM. I was able to load pics at the bottom of the page... Thanks for the tip.
  18. General Discussion
    So yesterday I posted about my crazy neighbor messing with the dogs. We gave Marley a good bath. But his skin is really irritated. He's been trying to tear the fur out by his tail stump. The hair is hard and his skin is a little pink there. It doesn't look too bad but you can tell it's...
  19. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Has anyone seen this yet? Today is my son's 11th birthday and he wants to go hit the movies tonight. It is a toss up between this and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this movie. Looks funny to me. Thanks
1-19 of 20 Results