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  1. General Discussion
    how do I get my change my title from littermates to litter mates. which was my title when I joined in June of 2007
  2. General Discussion
    Is it coming for litter mates to be at different size at 3 months One female puppy is on acana and she weighs 35# and the other female is on canidae and she's 21 Could it be the food or is on getting feed more then the other
  3. General Discussion
    I guy I work with had his dog shot a few nights ago(not bully at all). I remember reading either here or one other pit-bull site the actual law on this can't seem to find it though so I am asking for help. Doees anyone know the statute, or the thread it was in??
  4. Life&Times of Uncle Will
    the day rolld around,it was the 15th and the hunters moon,and this night it would live in the memories of the boys by it's nickname,the Blood moon. they'd lit out from the camp,and as with every new season it wasn't A waiting game.the boys had been shinin the ***** for several nights,cappin...
  5. Pictures
    Up to date of the babes :P There were seven in Kratos' litter :P lol here are a few of them that I have pictures of the best the little ADBA girl Bunnie i dont have :( wish I did lol oh well here they are : This is Zorya (female pup) This is Buddy (male pup) - I almost got him lol but he had an...
  6. General Discussion
    the walks have helped alot. everyone is getting along well. hopefully what we are doing is helping. the dogs are more mellow and content. this is the reason that we are trying to keep both of them. ruby is the white with dark brown dots and zoe is white and brendle ruby and zoe
  7. General Discussion
    my 2 female litter mates pits got into a spat last sunday. we kept them on leads in the house for 2 days. we let them back together and have been walking them every day. we have not had any trouble since that day. i was talking to a guy who said that they will kill each other eventually...
  8. BSL Discussion
    My mate has got busted...This is where Brad and Boss came from. The bastards have seized all of his Pits, incl 10 day old pups! They have been going mad on raids, seizing hundreds in the last 3 or 4 days. The holocaust has begun...fuc***g bastards!!!!!!!!!!! My mates dogs are weight pullers...
1-8 of 8 Results