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  1. Pictures
    Wanted to share pictures,of my pride and joy, I couldnt ask for a better dog! He will be 5 months old the 12th. He is an absolute joy.
  2. Pictures
    A place that I can both share and record Max's progress. I just introduced him to a treadmill, WP harness, WP harness w/chains. I think he needs more weight, (I've transitioned him to eat a raw diet and am still figuring out how many lbs to feed him). Pictures from today (4/5/15):
  3. General Discussion
    ANY COMMENTS?? THE LINK FOR HIS FB PAGE IS RIGHT HERE..... or look him up by his name Maximus Pledge Maximus Pledge | Facebook His page should be public..he has a ton of pics on his fb lol..let me know if you think he is a bully or how big he will get? or any advice that I should know as a...
  4. Pictures
    just some recent pics of maximus.... asking for a treat.. giving kisses to his mommy he really thinks thats HIS loveseat...lol www.myspace.com/absolution360
  5. Pictures
    These are some pics of maximus' kennel after he decided he didnt want to be in it anymore......lol... NOTICE THE BENT BARS.... HE LITERALLY BENT THE BARS THEN JUST CRAWLED OUT UNDER IT..!!!LOL.. http://www.myspace.com/absolution360
1-5 of 6 Results