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  1. Pictures
    New addition means a whole new dog to learn and new pics to share. :). I'm pretty sure who ever owned her before kept her crated and she was beaten when misbehaving. I learned quickly she was afraid of my sandals when I was taking them off my feet and she went running to a corner with her tail...
  2. General Discussion
    My 6 month old puppy is 45 pounds and very lanky . I was a little confused reading some things where it stated puppies start to fill out around 9 months. Does this mean he will get like more muscle tone ?
  3. Bullies 101
    Hi guys , I'm new and I've been a lot of forums reading a lot and learning a lot and even been kicked out for trying to learn people about the bully bread, but what I heard the most is the apbt owners is that they don't like us(am.bully owners) calling our dogs "pitbulls", well today I decided...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    Example, Ripple is a dog. Someone says thier dog is 100% Razor Edge w/ 6X"Ripple" in the pedigree. Im not sure if I fully understand what that means. Can someone help me by explaining that in it's intirety? Thank you, Bronson
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
  6. Health & Nutrition
    (Permission is given to reprint this document in its entirety as submitted for educational purposes) When a gene is referred to as an "autosomal recessive," it means: (a) That the gene is NOT on the X or Y chromosome, but one of the "normal" ones. This is important in that "X-linked"...
  7. Pictures
    On alert for the neighbors dog, his arch nemesis. Playing with is Ashlyn Waiting for the "eat" release Watching the TV
  8. General Discussion
    Saw what appeared to be a huge bully but the owner said he was a Blue Clouse.. What the heck is a blue clouse? Is it a bread of bluenose or something?
  9. General Discussion
    For a long time I have wanted to own a dog. To be more specific I have always wanted to own a Pitbull. Something about their loving nature and eagerness to please mixed with their tenacity has always seemed appealing to me. 6 weeks ago today my dream became a reality. I have been fortunate...
1-9 of 21 Results