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  1. Bullies 101
    I have seen numerous times on here where people say my dog is 15" blah blah etc and when I ask if they used a wicket they reply, "No,measuring tape". Using anything other than a wicket to measure a dog's height is inaccurate. This is a wicket. You stack your dog then drop the arm down til...
  2. General Discussion
    Alright Lets talk about measurements! Heres all my dogs measurments. (Neck slightly over shoulder, Brestbone to last vertical rib, Brestbone over neck to last vertical rib, Brestbone thru legs to back of outside hind leg, Withers to base of tail, Withers to ground, Chest Width & Neck size)...
  3. General Discussion
    HI i was just wondering if someone can give me a link that has picture diagrams on how to measure and where to measure to get measurements for my pitbull or if no pictures the next best thing. measurements for like girth height length what ever else falls into this category. also is someone can...
  4. Pictures
    I was trying to take a picture of him, but he's too playful. He's 9 weeks old in the picture.
  5. General Discussion
    I dunno how I even ran across thiss but it's the first time I've seen one of these.
1-5 of 7 Results