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    Her name is DFP PR Pride of MeGa Dr. Now almost 36months
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    Anyone know anything about it? I know most of those supplements are a waste of money but I heard someone talking about it today and I havent heard of it before.
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    YAY! Eurokai is finally finished!!!! Hahahah he's so lovable. Hmm, you may give him a cookie if you'd like. Just no fish crackers, he hates them :D He's a new member of Go Puppy, and is a lynx lol. Lol, he's so dang cute. He's a new member of the Go Puppy crew. His name is Rookari. I wanted...
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    My fur children raising kain today. Tyce had fun today too, but he's DA so he doesn't get to have group playtime. Trance plays well with the youngsters. So here we go! Oh Mom the flash! >.< He's a GIANT puppy Thanks for looking!
  5. Pictures
    LilLocs seemsto think that Trance's ears are falling at the base? I dunno, I really can't see anything wrong with them, other than he has to grow into them when his head starts thickening. Whatcha think? My dogs are FAT! lol So excuse that! x) Specially Indi, she's a hippo for real right now.
1-5 of 6 Results