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    So Breanna (Bree on GP) and I took one of her pups and Gargamel to Hough's Neck, a beach in my city. We were searching out a sunset over Boston, which is hard when you live on the east coast lmao She got sooooo many pictures and I love them all of course! I had to share, I hope you guys enjoy...
  2. Pictures
    So proud they used his picture. He is the most handsome IMO so of course I give him all the credit :) lol YAY Gargamel!! Sorry, just had to share my excitement. Pitter Patter: VOTE FOR NOMZ
  3. Pictures
    Here's some pictures of the babes flirting today with my nephew :D they had a blast and Kratos is getting so big!! Thanks for Looking :D :woof:
  4. Pictures
    They just love the tread :) Hoping to have a carpet mill in a month :woof:
1-4 of 4 Results