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    Just lost my American bulldog and sharpie about 3 years ago. And I am looking to add to my family with a tri/ blue/ or Brendal bully. Me and my wife are finally buying some land and will have the room for he/she to run and be babied. wasn’t trying to spend a ton of money. I just don’t know many...
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    My baby girl Casey. She is now 3 years old her Birthday is March 17th 2017. She is a beautiful and sweet loving pitbull/boxer mix I rescued her in 2018 when she was a year old. When she arrived to her new forever home we had a 1 1/2 y/o chiwawa mix and the size difference scared me a bit.. But...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Hello, my name is Tyler and my beautiful pup (a bully xl and American mix) is named Harley. She is a 9 week old pup. I just got her today and I have been interested in Pits for years! I have done decent research I believe, but I never thought of researching what to do if the pup was neglected...
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    Hey everyone. Just sharing a couple pics of my pup, she's a rescue, I haven't actually picked her up from the pound yet.but she will be coming home on Monday. They think she is about 11 months old.
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    Hey guys, I made an introduction thread yesterday saying that I had just lost my girl Jasmine after 12 1/2 years with her and that i'd be getting a new pup soon. Well, soon became last night. My wife and I just decided to do it because the house just felt so empty and my son was really sad...
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    Hello here is Midnight.
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    Hello, I adopted Ronin on Dec 30th, 2015 from Animal Control. He came in as a stray, had some tough times the first couple of weeks as he was not exactly potty trained, but is good now. Also a big chewer, course at 7 months what do you expect. My question is however, what do you think his mix...
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    Hi, I just got a pit/dane mix. I'm a strong parent (head of the pack) but have never had any breed with Pit in it. I'm looking for safe play ideas. He's had a hard life in his short 2yrs, is skittish and does not appear to be prey driven. He loves to jump around, jumps up in play by putting paws...
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    Hello, Just have a few posts under my belt. Just an Intro pic with my grandkids and wife with Warren, our Pit-Hound mix. "] "]
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    I volunteer at a local Bully Rescue, and this dog's eyes kept haunting me. His first impression straight out of the kennel is, in a word, lousy. He's a stocky, strong staffordshire cross who is fully capable of pulling me off of my feet and dragging me down the road. It actually happened the...
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    Hello everyone once again my name is Justina and I currently have two dogs. Bruno my 2 year old Brindle pit and Latte a 8 year old yellow golden retriever. Latte is not active at all and she is getting older and doesn't like playing with Bruno at all. I had to put my 14 year old lab down in...
  13. Introduction Forum
    Hi my names Colton , I have a 6 month old ukc and abkc American bully named arorua tell me what ya think about her. I love these forums been reading here for last 2 years . [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Pics not very good hope I got them to post
  14. Health & Nutrition
    Hello all. Name is Eddie and I am in need of some advice and suggestions perhaps. Story: We have Jamie, a 1 year old blue nose female pit bull that my sister acquired from the pound a few days ago. To my knowledge she has been neutered, she had surgery about 3-5 days ago. They gave her...
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    Here is my new boy, Stark! He's still at the breeders and will soon come home with me once he's paid off. BUT I love him lots and lots already, aaah! <333 He's currently ten weeks old~ BullyPedia|The American Bully Online Pedigree Database about six weeks below four weeks below baby
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    My name is Alissa and I have a 70 pound 2 year old female blue nose pit and my boyfriend has a 70 pound 2 year old male blue nose bully and they are our world. they are the sweetest dogs ever and loves people and dogs. Here they are.... This is Missi This is Samson
  18. General Discussion
    I got a male off of this ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [417652] :: LITTER OFF OF LUCKY LAW AND TOMMI SHUG should be a good one. Got a 2 yr guarantee on him also . Can't lose wit this one
  19. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello everyone I've came to this forum several times for info on different ocations looking for info on different subjects so I decided to join the forum now. It's my first female pitbull I own & her name is Bella she is now 7 1/2 months & just got in heat about 4 days ago, I got her the dog...