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  1. Pictures
    Meet Tandie!! Her registered name is "Midnight Angel." Her sire's registered name is Midnight and she looks just like her grandma Angel (who was one heck of a bulldog) so i wanted to honer her. She was my little surprise for everyone :) only a few folks knew I was getting her when I went down to...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Anybody know where to find one of these fine specimens? OR just the midnight bloodline itself?
  3. General Discussion
    So since I got my pup she has woken me up between mid-night and the wee "excuse the pun" :) hours of the morning to go out and do her thing. I thought as time passed she would get out of it and might just have a tiny bladder but it seems like she wont stop any time soon.. So i'd like to know...
  4. General Discussion
    Well I got a call from her owners asking me did I want a pup as payment for helping take care of her...can yall believe that. I told them no that I would like to just have her. No deal of course! So she is pregnant and is due sometime at the end of Sept. beginning of Oct. not sure, just what...
  5. General Discussion
    Well midnight's owners came and got her and I am so sad. She is sitting there across the road and barks non stop when she sees one of us.:( She was an outside dog, but me and my kids spent a great deal of time with her. Her OB training was actually going really well. She had all her basic...
  6. Pictures
    This is Midnight... The dog I posted about. I will be taking care of her till her owners can get back on their feet. Her and Rain get along great. Ceaser does not want anything to do with her since I got him fixed. He is still pouting unfortunately!!! Excuse the pinks shoes my son has on...he...
1-6 of 12 Results