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  1. Do-it-Yourself
    I posted this in the conditioning threads before I saw this one. Im building a carpet mill for my Pit. Ive looked all around the forums and online and I still cant find any information regarding the proper angle to set it. I know slat mills are generally flat, and all I can find on comments on...
  2. Conditioning
    I was wondering if there was anyone here with any experience or owns a Grand Carpet Mill, specifically the Deluxe Grand Carpet Mill found here: Grand Carpet Mill - furniture quality exercise treadmills for dogs! I was thinking of picking one up for my pups, but wanted to read a few reviews from...
  3. Conditioning
    Figured id take a stab at making a carpet mill.. So I put together a little mental plan and here is the outcome.. whatcha think? :)
  4. Conditioning
    Hi, i'm going to start building / buying stuff for / my own slat mill in several days, and i've been trying to find some plans for Robert Lemm's slat mills, so i may steal things. Does anyone on the board have them and wish to share ?
  5. Conditioning
    so friday I am picking up a treadmill for roxy ( i know, about time!). When i found roxy on the streets, she was very timid of large objects. once she is around them more and gets to smell them she is ok with them. She was afraid of my guitar, mop, broom, flirt pole (at first)..etc u name it. My...
  6. General Discussion
    Our family recently adopted a 7 month old male bully that has spent his short life in a cage at a puppy mill approx 2 weeks ago. Jethro is doing well considering his lack of socialization and basic training skills. We have had experience with the pit breed, having had 2 red nose babies that were...
  7. General Discussion
    Does anyone have any help of tips on building a cheap carpet mill. Also any help on trying to get my dog to run with me while pulling me on a skateboard he's afraid of the sound i think
  8. Do-it-Yourself
    This is my homemade carpet mill, Im about 80% done with it which isnt bad considering I got this far with it in one day. I build this using only materials I had laying around, so it cost me nothing. Just to be clear this is just a prototype Im building to get an idea of how these mills work and...
  9. Do-it-Yourself
    Found this am building one now since I can't afford to build a better one right now pretty much other then the carpet though already had the rest that was given to me so probably have 20 bucks tops in it. Heres the videos I got the idea from and tells how its made when I get mine finished I...
  10. General Discussion
    I have a Grand carpet mill here that needs to make room for my slat mill :) I am in NorthWest Florida, it is in fantastic condition, and I just replaced the carpet on it. First $300 takes it! 850485360one I can text pics or videos. Thanks GP!
  11. Do-it-Yourself
    hey everyone me and my friend built this slat mill I’ve seen a lot of post on ppl asking for blueprints I do not have any blue prints but if you have any questions on how to I will help in anyway I can n try to send pics on what needs to be bought and done we built it by seeing pics online and...
  12. Conditioning
    What's up on GoPitbull.com members, I have never been on u guys forum until today and I just wanna say I like what u guys have going on over here! On another note I saw there was a thread a while back with a pretty nice slat mill as the topic. I saw that lots of people asked how "where did u...
  13. General Discussion
    Well I am in the mood to build something so Im gonna tackle a mill. As always Ill be doing this without plans so it should be fun! But I have seen quite a few and I can manage :) So.. the question before you has been asked before, but its fun to talk :) Which do you prefer? A Carpet mill...
  14. General Discussion
    hello there all i have been looking into building a jenny for some time now but i dont quite know how to go about tho. I was wondering if anyone kad any design sketches or anything like that so i can have a good idea i know what to do but im having a difficult time figuring how most are getting...
  15. Pictures
    We played on the mill some this weekend.. it was way too hot so we had to wait till after dark but here are some of the pics that turned out ok.. between the dust flying and it being dark there werent many..lol :D Little Miss CoCo Tater Cali Teardrop Thanks for looking :D
1-15 of 54 Results