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  1. Pictures
    she even let them nurse on her
  2. Pictures
    Millie and our brand new baby boy
  3. Pictures
    Haven't been on here in about 6 months. But i will update with more pics very soon this pic is about a month old
  4. Pictures
    just a few quik ones
  5. Health & Nutrition
    On our walking route there is the field where it had 2 1/2 feet tall grass. Millie loved running through them biting at the grass and running and sliding. Yesterday when we went for our walk we gor to the point where the field was and millie stopped in her track and sat down in disbelief hat...
  6. Pictures
    she is growing up so fast almost 5 months now
  7. Pictures
    just a few shots of millie with her best friend a 9 week old kitty and a couple others
  8. General Discussion
    here she goes from the car ride home till today
  9. General Discussion
    stumbed on this web site and i think it is amazing and just wanted to introduce myself and my 4 month old millie
1-9 of 9 Results