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  1. General Discussion
    Im in the proccess of getting some things together to build a yard, can anyone that owns a homemade carpet mill please post a pic of it, so i can get an idea on how to build one. THX
  2. General Discussion
    I thought I would post this, as I see a lot of people on the MB's asking about breeding or becoming breeders. Forgive me, if someone already posted it, in the past. The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses Written by Denna Pace, ©2002 1. When called on bad breeding...
  3. General Discussion
    carpet mills are slat mills i say carpet
  4. Conditioning
    ive been on GoPitbull for awhile now and keep hearing references to different mills (i.e. slat mills, carpet mills ,etc.) and was wondering if they were all the same or was their a difference.
  5. Conditioning
    Carpet or slat... Will eventually buy both. If anyone can point me in the direction of of a reputable mill maker, I would greatly appreciate it. I already know about Grand Carpet Mill and Colby Carpet Mills... Just looking to further my options, and look for slatmill vendors as well. Thanks...
  6. General Discussion
    Anyone in the TN area, there is no shipping, looking for a slat mill I may be able to help you out. I know of 2 for sale.
  7. Conditioning
    I found myself a carpet mill for 75 bucks today...needs new carpet, but hakunamattatta...When I get my payday I'm going to be purchasing a regular treadmill for both the dogs and myself. My question is where to start them!? Should I start them with the regular treadmill for a couple of weeks...
  8. General Discussion
    Last night it was storming and I was trying to find something interesting to watch on the telly...I am not a big Oprah watcher, but I was like, eh lets see what's going on here. So curled up on the floor with my pups I proceeded to watch an Oprah Show on Puppy Mills...and it was one of the...
  9. Positive Pitbull News
    Dog attack prompts review of laws in N.Y. Mills Victim bitten 15 times; gets more than 115 stitches Friday, Nov 10, 2006 By Rocco LaDuca Observer-Dispatch [email protected] gannett.com NEW YORK MILLS - Jack Burth did everything he could to protect his throat from a raging pit bull that attacked...
1-9 of 10 Results