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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    I've had my dog for a few months now and when i bought her the owner didnt know what kind of pits her parents were. i will attach a few photos and hopefully someone can help me identify my pup Brooklyn. Brooklyn | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Brooklyn | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Brooklyn | Flickr -...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    I've had my dog for a few months now and when i bought her the owner didnt know what kind of pits her parents were. i will attach a few photos and hopefully someone can help me identify my pup Brooklyn http://www.flickr.com/photos/armanhutson/12314251463/...
  3. Pictures
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  4. Pictures
    caddi and moose came for a visit , crush got to come out and meet them { they are regulars thankfully we get to see these guys often } moose caddi another new collar for crush lol , kinda a hazard though so only good for pictures lol Heffa AKA pep chucky { the larger of the 2 blue...
  5. Pictures
    I thought i would post my brothers friends pup i took care of for 1 month an felt like my own pup, i miss her, as he gave her back to the owner he got her off becuase when we got bear, he though he would buy him off us, but he got outta luck cuz we told him NO, dont know what made him think that...
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I am hoping there might be someone here who can give me an idea of what is going on with my car. It is a 2000 Chevy Impala. It has 160k miles. We had the brakes done when we bought it and they turned the rotors, replaced the pads and what not. We had it done at Midas. They told us it needed a...
  7. Pictures
    I really enjoyed today's dog working session. first we walk to our "tree" then work the springpole and walk back. this take about an hour each dog. gives a great chance to "warm up" work out and then "cool down" :) oh and also drink water if they need to. anyways, here is the pictures of the...
  8. Pictures
    here is a sneek peak of our newest and last addition lol . he is comming to us from california and should be here this weekend if everything goes to plan . will have better pics of him then but thought we would share a sneek peak :) his dad is outta victorious and chata, and his mom is a direct...
  9. Pictures
    Here's some holiday pics of all three of my guys and my baby girl :) MERRY CHRISTMAS Poor old mad got mad at me lol I had to get Aryan in on the torture too :) Thanks for looking
  10. Pictures
    Zeus is teaching Rebel his evil stares! Whats the funniest faces you have gotten from your babies?
  11. General Discussion
    Im walking one of my pitbulls one day in an area that has a park on one side of street and a canyon area on the other...and this idiot lady comes walking up w 2 unleashed dogs, a german shepard and a mixed breed not sure what a lab and something else...i told her to get her dogs away from...
  12. Pictures
    You can always find me with one of my pets and/or with a camera in my hand...Figured I'd post a few. Sorry if they are big...workin on that. Rosie Bear...different times She is never left alone with the baby..just stepped away to get a quick pic So much grey :( Not pit but...I love um just...
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    unfortionaly i do not have rocky's paper work, i posted a simular question about this already, but i want to get a few more suggestions on what bloodline my dog is... bully_boy_joe commented "Without the registry papers I would say that more than likely he has some RE and amstaff blood in him"...
  14. General Discussion
    whats up? im new to the forum... u can c. anyway my mom has got some mini poodles and a mini ???snoazer???, they always bark and go crazy when they see my 8 mo. old blue pit. why is that?
  15. Pictures
    Please people if you have negative comments keep them to yourself. I love pits and have owned 1. I support your cause 1000000000% so dont hinder mine. There will be more Some of these are thumbnails so click on them to make them bigger. The very first picture is my absolute fav of Uncle Ruckus.
  16. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I bought him! I've been searching for my bully boy ever since I joined this forum and my mom and I finally bought my boy! He is 8months old and I named him Swagg.
  17. Pictures
    T's Precious Apache Princess, NAS, NAJ, OAJ, TDI, CGC Apache @ 10.5 years old playing with her Wubba I like to move it move it... Woooo Hooo, I LOVE my WUBBA! No, I'm sorry but you certainly can NOT have my WUBBA. It is all MINE!!!!
  18. General Discussion
    A puppy parent called me today to tell me his puppy died and I lost it.:cry: Isn't there a puppy park over the Rainbow bridge? The puppy "Hot Sauce" hadn't been living in my house for four months but it hurts like he just left. How do you say goodbye to eyes that drink you in and that tail...
1-18 of 20 Results