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  1. Pictures
    Ok, so not really a mirror image. Well, I guess in Sundee's mind, she's as BIG as Leo! Hahaha! :) Thought I'd throw this one in for the cute factor. I guess they really do love each other! :) P.S. On a sad note, we had to put our Dogo, Lilly, down on Friday. She would have been 13 in...
  2. Pictures
    Every time without fail Bella comes in my room while I am folding laundry or making the bed and watches me through the mirror LOL!!! WTH is going thru this girls head?? I would say she is vain but she is looking at me thru it! LOL!!!
  3. Pictures
    my sister does glass etching and wanted to try doing a dog etching... Boomer in a mirror hard to get a good pic of a mirror, but i tried. pretty good for a first try!! she wants to try doing some more but says a brindle dog is a ways off!
  4. Pictures
    on the wall whose the prettiest of them all....
  5. General Discussion
    Tonight was Typhoon's agility prep class. This is our 4th week in agility class and Typhoon is doing great BUT she lacks the drive that I really want in my kennel. Typhoon is more advanced than the other dogs because I started agility with her as a pup. (she will be 1 next month) I bred Typhoon...
1-5 of 6 Results