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  1. Pictures
    These are some shots from Bully Independence Day 2 in Perry, GA on July 7. Gorilla's New Pair of Shox took 1st place 6-9 month males in show 1 and show 2. So proud of how well this boy is doing. He has 70 points toward his ABKC CH title. We'll be in New Jersey this weekend and for once I can...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hello GPB! I had a question about shedding, my dog has been shedding a lot, way more then in the past. She is 8 months now and I am guessing it's because of the warmer weather but it has been nice for a couple of weeks now. Ny question is what can I do to help the shedding and keep it...
  3. Pictures
    Hi all just some older pics of sweetpea and his older brother buster sry work ones wont show these are too big i gotta go VIP lol
  4. Pictures
    here are some misc pictures
  5. Pictures
    After obedience classes yesterday!!!! How wonderful:woof: I got her this rope yesterday after obiedience classes because ropes are her favorite...she like to untie them, usually I buy bigger ropes but this one was the double knotted for 85+ pound dogs.....and in less the 24 hours from the...
1-5 of 5 Results