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  1. Pictures
    Been awhile, gorgeous Sunday out today so hopefully I can get her to do a photo shoot lol. But had to share this pic from last night. Me and my wife are expecting a son very soon and karma knows she always lays her head on her belly it's to cute. But karma is doing very well she is almost a year...
  2. Pictures
    Miss karma! She's so freaking cute! She's 9 months old now.
  3. Pictures
    Miss karma! She's now 6 months! Growing like a weed and filling out very nice. Couple photos of her outside today playing frisbee.
  4. Pictures
    Gorgeous day out! Backyard almost don't s karma can finally get back to being free! But for now she was just out enjoying the sun! She's getting so big! She's now 18 weeks.
  5. Pictures
    Jeeze karma is just getting big so fast! Seems like she was just so small the other day. She is now 13 weeks and has adapted to her food change well and is now just about bell trained to go potty. She LOVES carrots. She's a bratt sometimes but you can't help but love her!
  6. Pictures
    I can't help but to take pictures and upload them lol. But miss Karma being cute. Tried to get a good stance photo head on but she was being stubborn. Only 10 weeks old her stance is looking mighty nice. Then the other pic her doing puppy eyes wanting up on the couch.
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    I had a female back in 2005 off of Crenshaw/Eli bloodlines and had a male off Jeep/Gator/Cowboy lines...those were some good dogs!
  8. Pictures
    Little red female, predominantly Frisco/Chinaman/Lonzo with some Red Shredder and Zwettler blood
  9. Pictures
    Here's my pretty girl! Mind you she's not been worked in several months, just a lil play on the nice days. We will have her in tip top shape for her next show though. Oh and she will do anything to get her rope! lol
  10. Pictures
    as yall remember i added miss akasha to my yard a couple of months back.. this girl is absolutely amazing!! i was actually able to get a little bit of yard work in with her yesterday.. here are what pics i managed to get and heres one of my dirty boy ;)
  11. Pictures
    I hope you enjoy the new pictures of my girl. I wanted to some more of her with the new art in town but dang it was hot. We will try again another day.
  12. Pictures
    I never did post a formal intro thread for this new girl we picked a week ago. Well I have been super busy and just haven't had much time to take pics with my good camera. Well today I was able to get some shots of her so without further ado here she is!
  13. The Booth
    Okay Y'all... Bossmandude told me I could give away one month free VIPs to all new listeners and active members in the chat room during the show tonight. I will post up show information later today; however, you will need to make a account so that you can sign in and participate in the chat...
1-13 of 66 Results