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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Try to find grain free chicken (and poultry) free treats. Ready, set, GO!!!!!!
  2. BSL Discussion
    It's the end for unregistered pit bull terriers in Victoria •By Grant McArthur, Amelia Harris •From: Herald Sun •August 30, 2011 DOG inspectors will be sent on a "search and destroy" mission to rid Victoria of thousands of pit bull terriers. The Baillieu Government today will rush new laws...
  3. Pictures
    Went to see if our fat bullies had any chance against Jack Rabbits... ***NO JACK-RABBITS WERE HURT OR KILLED***
  4. Pictures
    These brave little chipmunks have moved into our backyard and use the back fence as a "chipmunk highway." They have been driving White Dog crazy! :curse:I took these while he was doing chipmunk patrol this afternoon. He used the cell phone to call his great-niece, Camo, for back up. :p:cop...
1-4 of 8 Results