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    My Pack[no, none of them are related. yes, they are all brindle. and all ages are current ages, not age pic was taken.] Special[6yr, full blooded APBT] Riddles[1yr 3mo, 1/2 APBT, 1/2 GSD] King Blaze Leonidas(Blaze for short) [6mo 1/4 APBT, 1/4 GSD, 1/2 Rottweiler] Blaze and his brother...
  2. Pictures
    Hi everyone! I just got a puppy a few months ago and he is some sort of pitbull mix. Any ideas on what he might be mixed with? He is smaller than a pitbull, not as built, and his ears sometimes stand straight up.
  3. General Discussion
    We adopted Dessa from the Humane society 11 months ago. At that time she was 2 months old and 10 pounds. We were told that she was a apbt. As she is getting older we believe that she may possibly be mixed with something else. She is now just over a year old, 60 pounds, very tall, and very lean...
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    AKC Allows Mixed-Breed to Enter Dog Show : Discovery News "But finally, after 125 years of its existence, the American Kennel Club is letting mutts, or "All Americans," compete in AKC shows in their own category. The "All American" dogs won't be judged on breed standards, but instead on...
1-4 of 4 Results