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  1. General Discussion
    More like a few proud moments. There have been three occurances of this happening lately, but it seems as though Mr. 2 is talented at finding ways out of the fencing. Normally, you'd think this is a bad thing. A dark faced, ear cropped, "pit bull monster" roaming the streets of a neighborhood...
  2. General Discussion
    Well. I finally figured out how Moses is asking to go outside. I have big Christmas bells on the inside of our front door and I just happened to look over and he was pushing them with his nose and the ran to the backdoor! He wasn't needing to go potty but wanted to go wrestle and play with my...
  3. General Discussion
    There is a window that faces the gated side of our house behind our bed. A few nights ago Kai was on the bed staring into the dark of the window and no matter what I couldn't get his attention from the window. Finally he let out a really deep bark and he tried to jump up on the window from the...
  4. Pictures
    I was having him search for his toy, he was standing on his hind legs leaning in on the bush, whenever he leaned in he'd push the toy farther away. So he got mad and jumped in. :lol: I couldn't resist, told him to leave it, wait, and took a picture. "Okay!"
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Hello All I am not able to be on the net at the present time. So I am giving all my email address if you are having issues and need some advice PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to email me .. I will help out all I can with info you need..... [email protected] I am able to get on my email and answer...
  6. Pictures
    so i wake up .. its very quiet , walk out and see this .. sid chewed a hole in her blanket and somehow got her head it in but was also layin on it so she was kinda stuck. Pretty sure she was embaressed cuz she wouldnt make eye contact with me .. had to lol.
  7. BSL Discussion
    Oppose HB 1080 - Allows Cities to Ban ANY Breed of Dog | Change.org We need 1600 more sigs please help out if you can!
  8. Pictures
    The terror twins sharing a rare "special moment". Awww, they really do love each other! :)
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I was bored so i decided to start this thread....SO, what is your dog/dogs doing right now? Mine is chewing the bottom of my computer chair lol:woof:
  10. General Discussion
    I have never been so embarrased by my dog, especially Boomer! we were headed over to my sisters house for a bbq last weekend (took a while for me to post this, still kind of upset). everytime before we go over there we always call first to make sure the dogs are invited. sometimes there may be...
1-10 of 24 Results