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  1. Pictures
    Somehow my male bully got the backdoor open and this is what he did to my room while I was gone Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  2. Obedience Training
    Hi, there I've been doing my research on different sites and came across this one..so heres my situation me and my husband just adpoted a 18 month old female Am Staff from the humane society (said perfect family dog on her cage) we wanted a same age compainion for our male Sheppard mix and...
  3. The Family Room
    Hey I've really missed you guys!!! I have been so busy, as I'm sure all of you can imagine! Things are still going great with the baby. He is very healthy, happy and alert. He sleeps great ALL DAY.. and is hard to get to sleep at night. lol He could be a night shift worker. Andrew returned to...
  4. The Family Room
    Wow I just had a major case of nesting! hehe My house looks like it's ready to bring home a baby now! :) First I just started wanting to put his clothes away in one of our dresser drawers. We don't have a dresser for him yet because we are waiting to move. So I started putting away all those...
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Oh my gosh.. seems like a lot of women are drinking out of the GP Water Cooler.. lol There seem to be a lot of new moms.. and moms to be here. I just wanted to see who all out there is expecting... and how our new babies are. I know we have americanpit13's new baby.. and stangchicks... is there...
  6. Pictures
    My husband went and got the camera cause Faith looked so cute laying with me watching TV. She is so gentle and makes sure to not put pressure on my belly lol.
  7. General Discussion
    I am just curious if anyone else's pup is like this. Of course, this goes out specifically to those of you who have a significant other, and both of you own the dog. Chino... it almost seems like since he was tiny, has always been extra hyper around Jaime. He prances to her and jumps and licks...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    My first question for the new puppy...Tanner's last 2 poops were runny and yellowish green, he is due for his next set of shots on Monday. Anyone have any recommendations? I have read on here pumpkin, cottage cheese, pepto, pedialite, vet....I am so paranoid of parvo, but he is still eating...
  9. Pictures
    Neela... I have tons of her, but they were saved on a floppy disk from my old computer and I don't have access to an ancient computer with a floppy drive. Indigo
  10. Pictures
    HAHA I had the urge to make Tank a Stunna' last night, I think these shades have made it onto every dog at some point lol really mom......really.
  11. General Discussion
    So Lakota Is An Awesome Mom..No No Don't Worry She Didn't Have Puppies..But She Has A Puppies..Today I Happened To Come Across A Puppy Down By The River About 10 Minutes Driving Time From My House. So I Went To Check Him Out. He's Was Freezing Cold And Is Really Young. Well I Brought Him Home...
  12. General Discussion
    Hey guys need some thoughts I know we are pits here but my patt had 8 puppies on sunday her litters before were 6. but she doesnt seam to have alot of milk I know it takes a while to drop, I was wondering if anyone knows anything i can give her to help produce more milk. i got puppy formula...
  13. Pictures
    s it time to work now???? Mom I'll Jump Through Hoops for You :) See how much I love you!!!! OK Mom It's Time for a walk!!!!
  14. Pictures
    I match the cabinets...lol and the floor and Jesse sitting pretty
1-14 of 17 Results