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    Mr. Momo and I were filmed for a testimonial by the obedience training facility that we go to, Kindred Spirits. Check us out: Dog Obedience Classes in San Diego from Kindred Spirits
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    Mods Please delete failed thread Sorry I tried to post some pics but the file was too big and I am to stupid to fix it.
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    The little fella is doing so well learning self control, my wife and I are so proud of him!
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    A few pics of Mr. Momo.
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    I don;t know what to do. I didn;t know these dogs were in the hallway. I opened the door to take Bruno outside,and Momo rushed out and the mom dog attacked,and Momo attacked the dog and the puppy. Should I put her down? My mom says to wait and see what happens,but I don;t know. I've given her...
1-6 of 6 Results