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  1. Pictures
    I was finally willing to fail at getting some recent pictures of Two. He is very ADD, so anytime I get near him (especially with a camera), he's in my face. He's not as big as I expected at this age, but still very excited about how he's growing. His coat is so shiny! Couldn't ask for a better...
  2. Pictures
    He turned 4 months on July 30th. Figured it's never too soon to start simple commands, so we've been working on sitting (he has the sitting down, it's the staying). He's easily distracted, as most puppies are, but he's a handful compared to my parent's rat terrier. Got to spend some good time...
  3. Pictures
    His big brother, Diesel (the dane) and him are inseperable, so he'll be in some of the pictures. The last picture is 2 weeks short of 4 months old. Don't mind the face he somehow accomplished in that picture. No lazy eye or heavy eye lid, LOL, just bad timing! He's growing like a...
1-3 of 3 Results