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  1. General Discussion
    My American pitbull terrier is 1. His name is drizzy.. I juss got him about a week ago.. we go for jogs, and alot of sprints along trails where he has to jump and go under trees and run up some small hills, and through sand.. we also play tug a war.. when I got him they were giving him crap with...
  2. General Discussion
    I usually have my dogs on either muscle bully or vita bully supplements, but I was wondering what foods I could feed my dogs for the same effect. My dogs are very active seeing as I work with animals 6 days of the week, and they are constantly able to run and play about 10 hours of the day...
  3. Conditioning
    He is currently 4 month old Food: Purina puppy chow I know I had to wait until he is 18 months but I would like to start learning on how to condition him and buff him up I also have a female that is roughly 1 year old already What kind of food should I give him when he gets older and what...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I just recently adopted a 5 month old black and white full blooded American pit bull terrier. He is 47lbs as of a couple days ago but he seems too thin. I was wondering what would be a good supplement to have him gain mass and muscle? Thank you very much
  5. Health & Nutrition
    One of my dogs, Diesel has a thick well built torso big muscley neck, and for his size a wide chest, and well defined arms but has a small head and twiggy hind legs and buttox he's 8 months old. Will they fill in or will they stay that way?
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    I have a very curious question i have my first pitbull ever she is 8 weeks old I've done all types of research on pits and i just love the breed. But i would like to know if my pit will get big or will she have good muscle tone. The mom was full American pitbull terrier and the dad was american...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Hopefully this summer i will be getting a Red Nose APBT with good genetics. I want to raise her to be an athlete i want her to have decent muscle tone and overall just a good looking strong dog. But AS A PUPPY what would i feed her to build muscle and grow up to be a show quality dog. (please...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    What's up guys, you have helped me already with dog food so lets see what you think. My pitbull just had puppies. I am going to keep one. I want to have it on a spring pole and flirt pole ect. But I want to give it that advantage and get a muscle building supplement. The supplements I am looking...
  9. Conditioning
    Hi as I mentioned in my intro finding info on conditioning dogs here in the uk is pretty hard so forgive me if this is a newbe question,I have seen quite a few dogs over here that are 'conditioned' but they don't show much if any muscle over there ribs,is this down to not giving there dog the...
  10. Pictures
    Haven't been on in a while so I haven't posted up pics in a while either! Here's a few from my yard a little while ago wearing her new Cali Girl orange daisy collar! I threw a few randoms in to! Bella is now on an all RAW diet and thriving! Her coat and teeth are shiny as ever and she loves her...
  11. Health & Nutrition
    Hi, so my two-year old pit bull has lost some weight and I was wondering what will help him to gain some weight. I'm looking for him to gain lean muscle and I have tried so many different things, such as different types of food and exercises, but none have yet worked. If anyone has any...
  12. Pictures
    Bruiser 5months Rico 1 and a half Let me know what you guys think, Just made my account today and im looking forward to getting to know all of you :)
  13. General Discussion
    What color coat shows muscle tone the best???
  14. Health & Nutrition
    Is it safe to give this to puppies im getting a boy and girl in a few weeks and wanna know if this is ok for them............ Muscle-UP Powder Premium, fast-absorbing vitamin and mineral muscle-building supplement. Contains Gamma Oryzanol, Creatine & DMG. Also contains vitamin E, Folic Acid...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    I am getting Bella spayed in March of 2012 and she will be 19 months old by the time she goes in. I was going to show her but she has some issues so I will pursue that with my next dog I get. My question is, once spayed (based on an older adult female, not a puppy) will she lose muscle tone? She...
  16. Pictures
    Hey guys!!! Just wanted to share a few pictures of Stella. She just turned a year old on Thursday!! Haven't posted pictures of her on here before and thought this would be the perfect chance to show her off. All comments welcome, what do you guys think???? Stella
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Possible Muscle aches? I took poor Buddy on a rather long walk today,to get out all that puppy energy,however now he seems to be limping,I am not sure from the walk or playing to rough with the other two dogs. He isn't putting much pressure on his leg,and he groans. I massaged it,and moved it...
  18. Conditioning
    So, I'm not allowed to do weight pulling with my current foster. So any ideas for building muscle? I'd like to take her swimming more often but I don't have easy access. We do tug-o-war but I'm building play drive so we have to keep those sessions short for now.
1-18 of 48 Results