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  1. General Discussion
    Whats up i wanna see if we can see some pit muscle dogs on here lets see the gold's gym work out dogs and the just go to the park and do pull-up's and push-up work out dogs muscles
  2. Pictures
    Just like the thread says, let's see the bullydawgs working their great shapes!
  3. Pictures
    Look at the Muscle Tone of this APBT :eek:
  4. General Discussion
    my baby isnt fat u cn still see her ribs somewhat. i was wondering if muscle tone comes as they get older or if some just are as muscular looking as others....
  5. Health & Nutrition
    i've purchased some msucle mass pills for my pit and its all healthy nutrients. I've already started him on it and been three days and im giving him 2 a day and working him as usual on the spring pole, and running him. I'm hoping he starts putting on mass within a months process. has anyone...
  6. General Discussion
    My pit bull has what is called a dewlap. A dewlap is when the dog's skin is pretty loose around the neck. Does anyone know of anything that i can do to maybe build my dog's neck muscles up to tighten the loose skin around his neck? He gets good exercise, we usually walk a good two and a half...