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  1. Conditioning
    While I was at the gym I was thinking about a my training schedule to build muscle . I myself on top of working a full time job am an amateur body builder and was thinking how my schedule to build muscle mass would apply to my dog. as a bodybuilder you never do full body workouts you always...
  2. Pictures
    I just remembered a thread I started on my the other forum I am a member of. Share pictures of your dogs before they were in shape and after(in shape.). Here's my boy to get things started. When I first got Dakota, I was rather ignorant, my entire family was telling me how good he looked...
  3. Pictures
    hi every one i love when a pitbull is muscular and cut looking,can everyone please add some pictures of their dogs muscular side/doesnt have to be really buff just athletic looking and muscular,that is one of my favorit things about pits:)thanks for all who do post pictures
  4. Conditioning
    Hi guys, Rambeaux is pretty big. His sire is pretty big and so was his dam, but both are just big dogs and not very athletic looking. What work outs do you guys use to build muscle on a dog thats already big(in mass)?
  5. General Discussion
    I am looking for the muscular skelatal chart for canines. I can not seem to find it on the internet. Anyone know where I can find one?
  6. Conditioning
    My dog has plenty of lean muscle. If I wanted to beef him up a little bit at the same time minimize joint problems later what should I do? Before you guys ask... I don't want to fight my dog. I just like the muscular look. I feed him 2 cups of Iams puppy food a day. Is that enough?
  7. Pictures
    you cant deny that this boy will be ripped and thick his mom after whelping still skinny but ripped.. __________________
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Besides regular exercise, what supplements can i give to bulk up the muscles of my pit?
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    can anyone tell me what is the most muscular/ripped bloodline and can you post pictures of the dog with that certain bloodline
  10. General Discussion
    I seen a few dogs that are heavy set, lean, some just nice lean muscular almost no fat. What do i have to do to make my dogs that nice muscular look. they are already solid not fat nice TONE body but how do i get them to be real muscular. I use Dog chow what type of food should I be using if not...
1-10 of 10 Results