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  1. General Discussion
    Beyond the Myth is a beautiful documentary on Netflix. My fiance showed it to me and we managed to sit down and watch it together. I recommend it if you haven't seen it, if you like documentaries. Warning: you may cry! (I couldn't help but get teary eyed..)
  2. Pit Bull Legal News
    Apparently Pit Bull Awareness Day is now National Pit Bull Awareness Month. To celebrate Hulu has once again offered up "Beyond the Myth" for free. If you have never seen it, it is a good watch. Watch Beyond the Myth online | Free | Hulu
  3. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Libby Sherrill Discusses Beyond The Myth and What's Next Libby Sherrill Discusses Beyond The Myth and What's Next 03/19 by Pit Bulletin Legal News | Blog Talk Radio Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLNR crew will discuss the Pit Bull documentary Beyond The Myth with director, writer, and producer...
  4. General Discussion
    I am watching Beyond the Myth As a fairly new member to the pitbull world I can not believe the stuff I am seeing and hearing. I am so heart broken and angry. Cannot believe it. People are so ignorant and it makes me so upset. Our family has had so many different breeds of dogs...my pit mixes...
  5. General Discussion
    Streaming on Netflix now Watch Beyond the Myth Online | Netflix
  6. General Discussion
    It's free on Watch TV. Watch Movies. | Online | Free | Hulu THRU 11/2/12 or ending on 11/2/12 ----- Grrr-- I couldn't record it due to my stupid speakers, so this was agony - BUT - it really struck a chord with me and I'm going to bring it up with my Dad who is a 30-year newspaper reporter...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    The whole laying with the legs out backwards? Like a frog. Does this actually lead to hip problems if it becomes a habit? Akasha seems to like to lay like this sometimes and I want to get in it check if it will lead to hip issues. Oh wow... she's so little!!! Haha, that pic was one from...
  8. General Discussion
    Raising a Friendly Pit Bull | ThriftyFun
  9. Raw Foods
    Myth: HOME-MADE, COOKED DIETS ARE A BETTER, SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO RAW. This is a common argument: instead of feeding kibble, why not feed a home-cooked diet? Advocates of this have you believe that you avoid all the 'dangers' associated with raw-feeding like bones and bacteria. But is a...
  10. General Discussion
    is this guy a true pit bull connoisseur, or just another person that thrives on hearsay perpetuating more half truths?
  11. General Discussion
    I'm not sure how many of you have seen this video. But I found it to be pretty enlightening. Sorry it's actually called The Pitbull Hoax.
  12. Obedience Training
    Thought this might be interesting to discuss: An article on the news today. See what you think. Dogs are descended from wolves. Wolves live in hierarchical packs in which the aggressive alpha male rules over everyone else. Therefore, humans need to dominate their pet dogs to get them to...
  13. Pictures
    Well first off. I'm redoing my whole Mythical Creature page on my site. And I'll be working on Redoing Chinaman, and finishing off one or two of Rascal's new friends. Here's the page. Everything on there will be no more when i get up to three Myth Creatures. Then bye bye they go ;) The...
  14. General Discussion
    This is probably stupid, but its ok. Has anybody ever heard that a dog can "smell" when a woman has her "time of month" and some dogs supposedly don't like it or even attack them? I don't know how many different times i've heard that but how does that even make sense? But then you always hear...
  15. General Discussion
    my dog has big paws. hes 1.5 years old. does this mean his body structure is still growing? it sometimes doesnt seem normal for his paws to be so big... lol
  16. General Discussion
    wow. im speachless. which is why i can type it out. lol... anywho, my friends brother came with my friend to my house last night. he saw pike and was immediatly scared sh!tless. my daughter was playing with pike in the living room, and he said the most bizzare thing i've ever heard in my life...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    The following text is taken from Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown. Their discussion of carbohydrates and the functions they perform seem to "prove" that most dogs need additional carbohydrates in their diet, a belief that is very pervasive in most concepts of...
  18. General Discussion
    so i use a flirtpole to condition my boy. by lately i've been concerned because now he doesnt seem to like small dogs... could this be because of the flirt pole? does the flirt pole bring out his primal instincts to kill? because this is not what i wanted.. LOL but now that i have a taste for...
  19. General Discussion
    My class was talking about dogs today and we got onto the toppic of pitbulls. Well they start to talk about the lockjaw. I disagreed with them the whole time. I am having second thought maybe I was wrong. So can you tell me if the lock jaw is true or not.
1-19 of 22 Results