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  1. Health & Nutrition
    I'm cautiously hoping she just pulled something or stepped on something but it's her wonky leg and I really don't think it's the case. All the extra up and down on the steps, extra walking, and roughhousing with Kaos are taking their toll on her. Gave her some Rimadyl last night before bed...
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  3. Bloodline Discussion
    So I got a new puppy last week she is awesome so smart and just clicking with my dogs and comfortable right away. She is Half Gaff and Half RE. Both Parents purple ribbon. Right now I am waiting for my papers to come I just sent out for them the other day. Anyhow I was wondering if anyone could...
  4. Pictures
    She was sitting on my lap on the way to PETCO. This picture doesn't really show her very well, but ill upload more tonight. Still eating poop...
  5. Pictures
    dont know much about her parents other than they were both "pitbulls". her name is nala, other than her bad poop eating habit and rough biting she is a saint.
  6. Pictures
    So i got my new Iphone 4 two days ago. All pics are taken with it and the camera is awesome i hope you enjoy they are 15 weeks old!!! They both have so much character Tigg loves to smile while Nala is a big jokerster hardly ever takes a strait picture. Enjoy!! NalaTigg
  7. Pictures
    Whats up yall, Im new here, been checking it out bt just officially signed up. Me and my girl recently got a new puppy. we got her at 8 weeks and she was super skinny and not being taken care of. shes now a little over 3 months old and doin much better!
  8. Pictures
    It has been a while, and my baby girl has been growin! She is just over a year old, and these pictures aren't exactly up to date, but a couple months old. Also added a pup comparison pic. Currently its been really tough, as she is living with my folks in Atl. I am in my last year at school...
  9. Pictures
    Nala is 7 and 1/2 months old, here she is!
  10. Pictures
    This is my girl Nala, she is 7 months, and 38 pounds
  11. Pictures
    Haven't been on here in a long time so I figured I would put up the new pics of Nala....
1-11 of 11 Results