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    bella kept starting fights with nemo after the 4 hour mark,nothing bad, never got locked but we all had to keep an eye on body lanuage for a while. but i think she was just cranky because she wanted a nap and he wouldnt let her :sleep: other than that all was good, nemo is 14 months, nalla is 9...
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    hard to belive ive had her over 6 months already, shes 44lbs and catching up to nemo fast who's still at 51lbs where i think he'll stay now. we got about 14 inches, then another 2 or so overnight, its almost too deep for the dogs to play in :hammer: *before the big storm* you gonna share that...
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    been busy with work and havent been on the site much lately, but all is well and both pups and the baby are still getting bigger and bigger. nemo is almost 11 months and nalla is 5 months now.
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    nemo just turned 8 months, 19" at the shoulder blades, 49.1lbs. zave is 5 months, 40.2lbs, and REALLY close to nemo's height. nalla is 10 weeks and exactly 12lbs nemo and zave got along good dispite both being males, we only seperated them 2 times over 6 hour period for playing a little to...
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    She will be going on eight months on the 12th of this month.
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    She is really gentle, but she really doesn't like giving piggy back rides. i just thought this was a funny picture.
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    Nalla will be officially be four months this month and is hell on wheels. She can drag a leaf in and make that one leaf look like a whole tree came down in your house. She loves to find flip flops and stash them along with socks. But other then the normal puppy behavior she is a great dog and...
  8. Pictures
    This is my little girl Nalla, she is about 4 months now weighs 14 pounds, she is the second American Staffordshire terrier I have had. Just thought i would post some pictures of her.
1-8 of 8 Results