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  1. General Discussion
    I'm getting a puppy in about 4 to 5 weeks when they are weaned I have a couple questions first I have a bag of adult 4 health I bought for my dog before she died and she only ate like 2 bowls can I feed it to a puppy around 4 months because I don't want to waste it and it expires before the dog...
  2. General Discussion
    ive had dharma for awhile some months, and im thinking of changing her name to gypsy, but i dont know. how many of you guys have ever changed their dogs name after having them awhile?
  3. General Discussion
    If you have an Instagram please follow me if you want to look at Titan most of the pics are of him follow me @johnny_phan0_o
  4. Pictures
    need help with names please UPDATE: Introducing... Thor!. My 5 year old son is a huge avengers fan and he loves Thor So we decided to keep the name. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. :) Still debating on the age but he will be taking a trip to the vet Friday, so we will see. Just got...
  5. Pictures
    Hi: I just rescued a large, brown, Pitbull from a shelter. He is about 5 years old. I am trying to find a name for him that could mean "new beggings, socond chance or survivor). Or, I would like a cool name for him. He is about 80 lbs. Any suggestions.
  6. General Discussion
    So there are some dog names that have become so common they need to just go away in my opinion. Lol. This is a light hearted thread, don't take it to seriously. I'm not a big fan of "designer" names like Prada and Gucci. And some are just plain overused like Blue and Duke. Soooo what dog...
  7. General Discussion
    Going to try and include a picture of him! He is 6 weeks old and in wonderful health! He has been vaccinated, wormed and deemed ready to go by my veterinarian. I brought him home Wednesday but still haven't been able to come up with a name. He is highly intelligent and eager to please for his...
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    I understand that a lot of bloodline names came from the early guys lasts name.. Colby.. Carver.. etc.. So can anybody start their own bloodline? What does it take to start ones own line? Can anybody put 2 dogs together and start a new line? <-- I know the wording in that last question just made...
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    Just got a new puppy today he is adba reg and they told me his dad was number pit in Memphis, tn although i am not finding a thing so i have no clue pretty sure they lied to me so i'd thought i see if anyone else may no anything on my boy. His dam is Aledi's ''Gypsy Belle'' and his sire is...
  10. General Discussion
    I was just wondering why some dogs have call names and register names? Is there a reason for a dog to have 2 names. Dosia's sire was Parker's Ace in the hole aka Ace Ford Ventura, and his dam was Parker's Bossy Bitch aka Black Betty. The Bulldogs also had 2 names too. Mack Truck's papers said...
  11. General Discussion
    I can't for the life of me figure out what ROM or POR mean. Can someone please educate me
  12. Pictures
    I posted my introduction thread now i thought id post a picture.
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I am going to start a cupcake catering business here in Central Missouri.. I just have one tiny problem! I NEED A NAME!! I cant seem to think of anything that I really like, I would also like to come up with a theme.. For example, theres a bakery thats name is 'woodidilly cupcakes" and there...
1-13 of 35 Results