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    there's a pit bull case starting on nancy grace right now on fox. not sure how it's going to turn out or if it's even worth watching. just thought people would be curious to see what kind of light it puts on us.
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    H.R. 6305, a bill introduced in Congress by Nancy Pelosi, will change the name of the "Golden Gate National Recreational Area" (GGNRA) to the "Golden Gate National Parks". While this may seem innocuous, the reality is that the name change will be used to justify GGNRA attempts to severely...
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    **GOSH I more grass in my backyard, I put Organic Fert down but everytime the sprinkler start they play in them and in the mud** Whatever, actually pictures at Dog Park
  4. General Discussion
    She is doing it again! She is on tv degrading our pits. A little child had 4 toes taken off by a PUPPY! Read the news. I hate that woman! I know there will be a lot of responses. Please fill post with info and responses.
1-4 of 6 Results