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    Piccolo is always next to Luca! if someone other than Mom or myself is holding the baby, Piccolo is next to this person. Only one time he growled to a lady that was asking to hold the baby, I don't know why. (see my post below Joe's post)
  2. General Discussion
    I tend to see people giving great informative comments on new stories and they all go down hill when they mention the Nanny dog. When you advocate with incorrect information, it discredits everything else you have written, even if everything else is true. I would love people to understand the...
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    1890-1910: The Golden Years~ (L.Colby) Dogs were expected to take care themselves. If it was jumped by another dog in the street, it was expected to "lick it." A dog, however was not expected to be a bully--starting trouble int he street for no reason. And because dogs did run the streets...
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    I want to know every ones opinion on this subject, because there always seems to be different point of views and I'd like to know what the facts are if there is any. When I ask neutral knowledgable people in the subject of dogs about what breed is nick named the "Nanny dog" I usually get 1st The...
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    The stare down. The next Karate kid.....Poor Bruno,at least he can still smile while getting kicked in the head.
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    Tiva has fallen in love with her new family and has bonded with the kids very well. The other night she woke them up barking. When Luke got up to see what was going on she ran straight to the kids room. He then noticed some one walking around out by the back fence but when he went out the guy...
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    I love this video!!
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    To some, the "Pitbull type" dog is a genetic ticking time-bomb of violence bred to be a fighting machine, but to many others this dog is a phenomenal and gentle canine companion whose sole purpose is to please the humans that love them. The Pitbull is a term commonly used to describe several...
1-9 of 9 Results