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    HEY I am coming I need directions
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    This was the ADBA Nationals on Sunday in NJ. It was VERY HOT. The judge told us to relax the dogs unless they were being examined, so no one would over heat. Here are some candid shots taken at the show while we waited our turn. "Mommy, Why isn't is my turn yet?" "Can we play while we are...
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    Where are the posts people?! I wanna know how everyone did and I want pictures! Demanding huh. :)
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    Is anyone here going this weekend besides me?
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    Well first off we had a GREAT time. We did pretty good this weekend too. In the weight pull, one of the best shows in a LONG TIME. A guy from NC showed up and had some GREAT TOUGH dogs, unfortunately they were in Switch And Rebels classes. Switch took a well fought hard earned second place...
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    They looked good..
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    Well I must say it was a very interesting weekend for OFK and myself...Tug did good for his first show...Tug took 1st place in the male puppy 6 to 9 month and then took Best Reserve Male puppy. Pretty good considering it was my first show as well, he is now 7 months old and has 40 points in the...
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    Well keep your fingers crossed, Saturday and Sunday is the NKC Nationals. I havent been able to work the dogs as much as I would have liked to but I still think they are going to put up a good show. Its 12:46 am Friday and I am just now getting around to bathing the dogs. I cant do it later...
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    This is how we do most of our training now, you can see tha path thats mowed for dragging. Come on you can get it up the hill!!!! She made it, now we have to go back! I always talk to my dogs as they work, here Im telling her all the hard work will pay off at the show, and we have to...
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    schutzhund nationals are in indy this year, wondering if anyone else is gonna go.
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    Well just got the dogs bathed and groomed. Tomarrow is the weight pull and Sunday is the conformation show. Hopeing for a good weekend, we will see. There will be ALOT of good competition and dogs there this weekend. Rebel is ripped and Bailey is pumped. It will be fun regardless!
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    2006 ADBSI Nationals Saturday, October 14, 2006 Location: Creek County Fairgrounds, Kellyville, OK The 2006 A.D.B.S.I. Nationals will be hosted by the Green Country APBTC in Kellyville, OK. All puppy classes (4-6 months through 9-12 months), Best Puppy trophy, Champion Class and the 55 lb and...