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    bella kept starting fights with nemo after the 4 hour mark,nothing bad, never got locked but we all had to keep an eye on body lanuage for a while. but i think she was just cranky because she wanted a nap and he wouldnt let her :sleep: other than that all was good, nemo is 14 months, nalla is 9...
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    been busy with work and havent been on the site much lately, but all is well and both pups and the baby are still getting bigger and bigger. nemo is almost 11 months and nalla is 5 months now.
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    nemo just turned 8 months, 19" at the shoulder blades, 49.1lbs. zave is 5 months, 40.2lbs, and REALLY close to nemo's height. nalla is 10 weeks and exactly 12lbs nemo and zave got along good dispite both being males, we only seperated them 2 times over 6 hour period for playing a little to...
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    whats that? a phone? oh well, i dont want it. good you cant have it! MY EARS STAND UP!:clap: you done taking picz yet?
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    got the still water collar today, and Nemo loves it. very nice, strong collar,for an excellent price. overall im very impressed :clap: nemo is around 6.5mths (and still a little thing) and the baby is 23 months.
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    nemo's 6 months and zaves a 12 week old furball of energy.
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    so my friend knew about this kid that had a 7 month old RE pit living in the attic and barely ever even seeing outside.apperently the kids parents didnt the dog in the house at all, so thats how the situation came about. so long story my friend offered to take the pup and let the dude see her...
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    Nemo's around 6 months, and starting to lose teeth, his bottom k-9's are both gone and he's been liking fetch over tug for the past week. puppys are - pitbull nemo 6 months, pitbull zave 9 weeks, and boxer/GSD mix buster 8 weeks.
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    Hi I'm new to the site... But I've been reading about pitbulls for years and lurking in forums, i know most of you don't like blue pitbulls and especially anything from Gotti bloodline but give him a chance. He is a little over 2 years old, and he weighs 80lb on the nose. With that said, he's...
1-9 of 9 Results