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  1. The Pitbull Lounge
    Ok. I stated in another thread that I would start a thread here for all forum WoW geekyness. Lol. I noticed there's at least a handful of us here that enjoy a romp threw Azeroth. So with MoP releasing soon, introduce urself, ur toon, alts or any other WoW related talk. :D For anyone who might...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    When I saw this......... It's no where near as big as the one in Japan was...But I was still happy XD I bought one out of the machiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Yes, they had machines to buy the games and movies and such. *0* I am a nerd and I don't care! :hammer::hammer:
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    hehehehe OK well my laptop kicked the bucket night before last. The screen started flickering and went black. The computer powers on but no screen. How can I get my info and stuff off of that computer? Please help......lol
1-4 of 6 Results