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    Say a huge company is told they are paying for ad space on a website known for wanting to ban or restrict "targeted" dogs and that advocates for Breed Specific Legislation world wide releases a statement and decides to stay neutral in the argument. For me, its not a debate that you can remain...
  2. BSL Discussion
    Had to post this especially when I saw the breed of dog responsible. I don't know about y'all but I see no need to take my dog into Home Depot with me. Kangol is my roll dog and rides everywhere with me, but he sits his butt in the truck with the AC on. My son is hard enough to shop with so...
  3. BSL Discussion
    Dearborn council presented a breed neutral update to their vicious dog ordinance tonight at a study session in the Mayor's office. Several residents, as well as representatives from the Dearborn Animal Shelter, Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter, local veterinarian Dr. Good, attended the...
  4. General Discussion
    whenever I see pitbull in the heading of a news article i secretly wish " OH, please no" this was alright, not negative, not positive. Just a neglected dog that caused a little trouble without meaning to. Pit Bull Ties Up Chicago Traffic For Days
1-4 of 4 Results