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  1. Raw Foods
    Bare with me since I am a total newb and just am anal when it comes to getting stuff right... Ok so as of this past Wednesday night I started Remy on PMR. The research I've done (extensively) says to start with chicken for a few weeks and then slowly introduce a new protein such as turkey which...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Posting this for a friend that would like to see what you guys think about his pedrigree. We don't really know much about Pitts n barely learning. Would appreciate all the information you guys provide. Here a pic of him n the pedrigree.
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new to this pitbull scence and would like to know if my certificate is a good breed association? Lol I hope I said this right but here is my certificate and a pictures of my dog let me know what you think? Sorry if I didn't make sense.
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Hi Everyone! I am new here, and I am so glad I found this place. We rescued a 3 year old blue pit back in January of this year. She is the sweetest dog ever and we couldn't figure out why anyone would give her up. At first her skin was great and then as the months went on it progressively...
  5. Raw Foods
    Hey guys, I'm sure there's a tone of posts about this... but I just need a run down on a list of what to buy or how to ask a butcher for what. I am mostly a veggie (I eat seafood) and I am at lost as to what to ask a butcher when preparing raw food for my Remi. I rarely go to a butcher myself...
  6. Pictures
    This is Brinn who we adopted form animal control on 10/21/14. She is either a mix or some form of APBT it loos like to me. She is a light to medium grayish and light cream brindle mix with white under the neck and chest area and on the feet, matches my gray weathered wood deck, so she literally...
  7. Hi

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, Im new here and i would like the learn a little about pitbulls before i get one can anyone guide me in the right direction. Where should i begin. :roll:
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    Ok, first let me state Im not new to pits, but I am wet behind the ears when it comes to bloodline matters... I was wondering if anyone here has non pedigree dogs they breed for competition?
  9. General Discussion
    Hi every one, im new to the site and i have recently got my first pitbull named stella (as she tries to get my partners beer and is in to every thing) She is 12 weeks old Can any one give me any information i need to know on raising a good pitt How to train her etc ? Thanks :welcome:
  10. General Discussion
    I just got my UKC application for permanent reg.. I was trying to Google the sire and dam name but came up empty.. Is there a way to find out if these sire and dam name are real? And their UKC number? Have anyone heard of sire name Dragons Gimli or dam name Muscledogs Coco Channel? Thanks in...
  11. Pictures
    Here's a side shot of each of my dogs. This is Dutch. He is ADBA registered, born March 2011, 75lbs pictured, 22" head. Has been a good, fun, and loyal friend. Here's Diamond, 6 months old, almost 30 lbs. A cuddler and beauty queen. Thought I'd get the pics up before bed. Pics were taken...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum stuff & I'm going to be a new pitbull owner. My boyfriend and I just bought a brother/sister pair of blue noses that we pick up on the 28th! We're so excited and we've been researching as much as possible but ANY AND ALL advice would help: food...
  13. General Discussion
    Hello people "first post" I would like to introduce our 4 month of rednose chocolate pitbull. His name is Kane and we got him from birth as his mother rejected him. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  14. General Discussion
    Hey! So I'm about to adopt a 7 month rescue pit bull/weimaraner and have a couple concerns. I've been doing my research about this breed and there's so many contradictions and hot and cold which I'm sure everybody's aware. My boyfriend grew up with big dogs (weimaraners and vizslas-very high...
  15. Pictures
    Hello to everyone. My name is Sed & I just recently took in a stray pitbull! She is a sweetheart!!! I was trying to figure out her age & bloodline but that's almost impossible lol! Let me try to upload a photo of her! Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  16. Health & Nutrition
    hi, i currently have a pit bull pup, american pit bull terrier at 12 pounds currently feeding him 3 times a day half a cup per meal, is that enough? and when do i switch to adult dog food and when is he considered an adult? he is currently 3 months and 7 days by the time this is posted. comments...
  17. Health & Nutrition
    Hi there, Im new to these forums and I currently own an Amstaff puppy 7-8 months old. Lately he's been having a loss of appetite and Im concerned, I dunno if he's bored of the same food everyday or if it has to do with teething. I tried feeding him this morning but he rejected the food, I have...
  18. General Discussion
    Hey guys and girls I'm new to this forum and I was just wondering how I'd go about uploading pictures from my iPhone,I was also wondering where I should post an introduction thread for my 6 month old pitbull/cane corso mix? Any help would be much appreciated thanks everyone.
  19. Obedience Training
    Hi, there I've been doing my research on different sites and came across this one..so heres my situation me and my husband just adpoted a 18 month old female Am Staff from the humane society (said perfect family dog on her cage) we wanted a same age compainion for our male Sheppard mix and...
1-19 of 41 Results