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  1. pitbull behavior
    Ok, we have no clue what kind of pit we have. My bf's brother was her previous owner and said she's a "purebred blue nose walnut" and "she's an expensive breed" ($1000+), but I can't find anything on those. He later told my bf one parent is a blue nose and one is a walnut (aka, he's an idiot and...
  2. Pictures
    Just getting the word out about a specialty leather collar maker. I just got a collar from them,so I figured I'd share. :) Caligirlcollars.com, or their ETSY PAGE, or look them up on Facebook. She's having a contest for a FREE COLLAR right now! :) Here are pics of Zephyr's new collar. <3 it!
  3. Pictures
    It's been a while since I posted some pics :-) these pics are not In any particular order of time. I had my boy up to 65-70 lbs but felt he was sloppy , short winded, lazy , and did not have enough tuck. Got him To about 55-58 and it's a huge difference. He's full of energy now for longer...
  4. Pictures
    using the bungee to get some distractions going on around him nice full grip retrieves and my personal favorite
  5. Pictures
    Some Photo's Of Capone Playing In The Front Yard Lmk Does He Look Pit Or More Bullie Doesn't Really Matter I Still Love Him To Death This Was One Of Those Funny Jumping Pictures
  6. General Discussion
    Ok the old UKC papers used to come on very nice gold colored paper with gold trim, very elegant and professional looking. Well now they come on just plain white paper......... It looks like something you could just print from home! Anyone else bothered by this? If your not a breeder or someone...
1-6 of 6 Results