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  1. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about Dogs: So Nice, We Domesticated Them Twice at PetGuide.com.
  2. Pictures
    My wife and I are looking at a puppy. We picked it out when it was 3 weeks old. It's been some time, he is now 35 days old. We are worried about his left eye. We see the more white and it looks a little out of line, but he is young. So we are getting mixed answers on if it is something he will...
  3. General Discussion
    Only 5 months and he is huge. Very sweet.
  4. Pictures
    so I took a few of the boys recently. ROOSTER BADGER
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    I received my puppy papers today along with the seven generation pedigree. I was looking over it and noticed Notorious Juan Gotty was on it. :)
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    Please help seems all the pups on the updated websites are gone Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  7. Pictures
    a couple of pics of my blue named junior he is a lil on the chubby side right now...but we starting on his workout routine and walks daily again.... and a pic of my son alex with my dog junior...
  8. General Discussion
    Has anyone heard of this Kennel (Caroline Bully Farms) before and/or ever got a puppy from them? If so what is your thoughts on them and if you have puppies how did they turn out (pictures). I been looking at all there YouTube videos and it seems like they have a very nice Kennel and are in...
  9. Pictures
    been awhile.. Shorty @ 4 yrs! Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us last 2 pics from this last summer!
  10. Pictures
    It was such a nice day today in the Sacramento Valley that I decided to break out the camera and get some good action shots. Thought y'all could use an Odin update anyways. lol. So this is how he enjoyed it this morning... Then this afternoon I broke out the flirt pole. "C'mon mom hurry up!"...
  11. Pictures
    Today was a great day to get the dogs out of the kennels and put them on the tie-outs :) and just let them chill in the yard. Beau is a on a zip-line and Takoda is on her long line and they both had access to water and shade so they're having a blast hanging out in the yard stretching their legs...
  12. Pictures
    Kids and Remy enjoing some sun before days of rain to come.
  13. General Discussion
    Ok so I have an APBT. She is going to be 2 in January. Here is where I need the help. When we (my wife and kids) get home and let her out her kennel she is a lightning bolt. I know they have lots of energy so we have learned how to deal with her excitement. Now here is the part I need help with...
  14. Pictures
    Great video that Eric Shearer put together. You'll see lots of footage of Leri Hanson and Cassie (1st Place) Lisa Berry and Siren (2nd Place) plus all the rest of the Performance Kennel crew. We all had a great time.
  15. Pictures
    Hey everyone, just some pictures of my pups enjoying there last days of summer's weather because pretty soon it wil be cold an not much pictures are gonna happen outside Well maybe some becuase i definely want to see calis reaction to snow, as it will be her first winter here :) enjoy the pics...
1-17 of 66 Results