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  1. Pit Bull Legal News
    I have a question if your pt bull dog starts breathing really hard what should I do its only when she is laying down she starts breathing real hard its scares me cause if I go to sleep I am scared I am gonna wake up and she is dead next me so does anybody have any idea what I should do me n my...
  2. Pictures
    NIKO OMG im in love all over again i didn't know how Leah would react but she loves him now she has a friend forever and he's such a sweetie pie. Very laid back leah could not sleep she was so excited
  3. General Discussion
    So, for those who don't know, I work as a 911 dispatcher and I just took the worst call of my 20 year career. I know it may sound horrible but I have never taken a 911 call that shook me and I've been working here for 20 years! Honestly, that's probably nothing short of amazing but we're well...
  4. General Discussion
    Ok, I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on an issue that is quickly developing in Kaos. Both pups are crate trained and have been for months. Both have also been sleeping through the night usually like 9pm until 5am, which is the time someone is always getting up for work. The last week or so...
  5. General Discussion
    With the weather being so cold still what do you peeps do for getting energy out with puppies? We have a 9 yr old beagle that isn't up for playing at all, old hag!! So when Roxy gets overly energetic it is hell. I have caged the older dog but once I let her out Roxy goes at her again
  6. Health & Nutrition
    So not sure if anyone has ever had something like this happen but if you did and you know why can you post it up please.. I got home last night from working all day and everything here was fine I have 2 males that I crate and rotate so I went and let Zeke out first along with the girls. while...
  7. Obedience Training
    Hey guys I have a new puppy, he is 8 weeks old i have had him for about a week now. i started crate training a few days ago. He was doing well sleeping but recently he cry's really loud and for at least and hour now when my girlfriend and i try to go to sleep. he is in our bed room. He has a...
1-7 of 113 Results