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  1. General Discussion
    So they both needed their rabies booster and registration with the county... I wanted a good check up too so they went in and it was a laugh a minute... First Sarge doesnt like the stand they are weighed on... hehehe you have to trick him to get him on it... he weighed in at 70.9 lbs and...
  2. Pictures
    MOM ITS FREAKING COLD IN HERE!!!! She is always laying on the vents in the house when the heat is running... And if the cat is on the vent she wants to lay on she walks back and forth from me to the cat whining like shes saying "Mom shes on my vent!!!" lol Heres a couple more: Naptime for...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    So for the past two days nikita started slightly limping and continuously favoring her front leg more... I have checked her over no swelling no spots where she reacts like it's tender nothing... Her dewclaw looks a bit irritated but her paws are also white so that could just be irritation from...
1-3 of 3 Results