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  1. Pictures
    Ok I know I haven't posted pics or on the GP forum in awhile but life got busy :P Here are a few pics of Nila since she made 1 :roll: Enjoy Nila at the river Nila Nila posing pretty Watching the waves
  2. Pictures
    Ok, so the Christmas spirit has hit me like a ton of bricks this year and it is not even Thanksgiving yet but oh well!!! :) Merry Christmas from The Mayeaux's and Nila of course!! This is what happens when you have a two-legged monster running around when you try and take pictures lol
  3. Pictures
    Sorry everyone for not being on in a while, life just kept me so busy. Here is some updated pictures of Nila from over the last month. Nila and Me on Halloween Nila trick or treating My beautiful daughter Allie and neice Carley on Halloween Nila and Kaine (My cousin's new little pit)...
  4. Pictures
    So we took Nila camping this weekend with some in-laws and she did great. The in-laws were scared of her because of the dreaded pitbull rep. but after a little while they changed their minds. Nila was on her best behavior and showed several people that she is a great dog. Here are some pictures...
  5. Pictures
    Here is Nila's ear crop after all head gear and stiches were removed Puppy Kisses Neighborhood Watch lol I love my BoBo
  6. Pictures
    Ok here are a few pictures of Nila's new ear crop. I think they should be a little bit shorter and they were suppose to be a show crop but I think they are more long crop then show, but oh well they are still cute Before Crop After
1-7 of 7 Results