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    She was my hart dog. She went to Rainbow Bridge the 15 July 2009. I had her for 15 years and two months. I still miss her :rain:
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    So I twisted my left ankle, bruised my left forearm from elbow to wrist, and bruised my right ankle, knee and shin pulling a ninja move while putting away groceries. How's that for WINNING? Just call me Grace
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    put this here since my little ninja isn't a pitbull Oh my, guys this puppy, I tell you what. At 6 weeks old she learned to climb a 4 foot gate to get out of her pen area. She was already started to “hunt” her toys like seriously if you drag them slow enough she will hunch down moving with...
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    Ninja turned 3 months yesterday. I didnt want to take any pix yesterday cause he still had the cone on... He got it off today as well as getting the sutures taken out. So i snapped some photos as soon as we were done, check him out. Heres a pic of all my babies, minus my main baby; my girl. I...
1-4 of 7 Results