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  1. Pictures
    I've gotten into the bully game haha heres Tank heres Nino hes 3 months old
  2. Pictures
    All @ 14 weeks. They`re all little camera whores, everytime I take the camera out they come right up and sit down lol - It`s so hard to get them in action shots lol. Big Boy Harlow 16" tall at the hackles 7" chest across 36 lbs Hi Mom! Bear: 13" 5.5" chest 24 lbs Holy Crap! I found a...
  3. Obedience Training
    I can`t get my 14 week old brindle male, Nino, to go on a walk. If I Put the collar on him and he FREAKS out and screams like some one is killing him. He will wear the harness though. I put the harness on and take him out front, he stands there stiff and wont move, period. I`ve tried taking...
  4. Obedience Training
    Just recently my dog has been crawling into my bed when I'm not home. He's turning 2 in feb and this started maybe 2 months ago I know because he makes like alittle nest with blanket and pillows. Need some advice on how to show him to stay off. TIA
  5. Pictures
    Bear & Harlow at 21 days: Harlow at 4 weeks: The Twins at 6 weeks: Bear at 7 weeks: Nino at 9 weeks: All 3 at 10 weeks with their red nose best friend (owned by a friend of mine) Kobe. And 11 weeks, Harlow & Bear cuddling.
  6. Introduction Forum
    Hello, this is my first post on the forum. Yay. I`m 21 living in Sin City. Got my first pit/mix 7 years ago, have been addicted ever since. These are my babies. This is my King of the house, Harlow. And these are my twins, Bear (female) and Nino (male)
  7. Pictures
    Hey guys well its been a while since i posted here. I got some new pictures to share. Nice Yawn ! Took him out on the boat... he loves the water. He just got home from exercise. lol Hot Dog anyone ? He's about to turn 4 in December, and he is about 90Lbs, I just figured out that we...
  8. General Discussion
    Hello guys, Well last night as i get off work i recieve a call from my sister sayin that my dog was attacked by 5 other dogs while my mother was walking him. I'm royally upset because he was multiple bite wounds on his shoulders, but they are healing okay, the only concern i have is that he...
  9. Pictures
    on our boat trip every sunday, hes usually very hyper then. lol just for fun. I have been a menber since a while but i forgot my information so i made a new one. Anyways Quick question for people with multiple pits in their house hold. I have been thinking of gettin niño a buddy, but i...
  10. General Discussion
    I just noticed it this morning. The tip of his thing is red and swollen and there is a bit of puss coming out of it. I tried cleaning it a bit and will put him on some augmentin tonight. I won't be able to take him to the vet until Monday, but has anyone experienced this before??? I am going to...
  11. Pictures
    here is current pictures of niño, last time i posted he was about 3 months old i cant remember. went to the beach and took them with my phone. 1 year 3 months. just for fun
1-11 of 11 Results