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  1. Pictures
    Sarah and I brought Riley and the dogs hiking yesterday. Lowla is doing a lot better with her DA, I havent seen any of it any a while. But she is being super timid of people. Which I dont like at all, I've never had a timid bulldog :/ Lowla is 5 months & Nismo will be 3yrs in august :) She's...
  2. Pictures
    Sorry for the sub-par cellphone pictures. Been meaning to snap a few of the new collar. Great quality on this one as well.
  3. Pictures
    I was having a little bit of fun yesterday. I recently did a collar for a friend, I've never done studs up until then. So i was trying to figure how to show off the studs when he's walking his dog. our normal draft of a collar wouldnt show many of the studs, especially when walking. So we came...
  4. Pictures
    well this is the first and last time I will let them play on the springpole together. We live in a crate'n'rotate house hold already, I didnt think I would have to so early. But Lowla is a total crab lol. I really hope we can curb her aggresion before she gets much older so that we can show her...
  5. Pictures
    lol, so I ordered Gage a collar from Trevor @ Nismo's K9 Co. and I got it yesterday and finalyl got to put it on him today, OMG it looks sooooo sexy on him, Trev, I love it, And he has plenty of room to grow in it, he will wear it around the house and Maxine will be showing him in it on Sat. at...
  6. Pictures
    yay or nay?
  7. Pictures
    last week or so nismo has been doing more skateboard pulling. he loves it. Tiva loved it too. lol but he's just a happy guy, loves his walks. now that riley is a tiny bit older i take nismo out so he's not all cooped up :)
  8. General Discussion
    Happppyyy Happpy Birthday puppy. Can you guys believe he's two years old today. What an old man. I still remember that little tiny puppy curled up in my lap. :( He's even got some gray hairs goin on, on his nose haha. Going to go do something special, like some special walk. And maybe it'll...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Yesterday he woke up with what looked to be hives. except smaller almost pimple like bumps. he hasnt gotten into anything. and the last thing i can really think of was rolling in the dead cat but that was 5 days ago. so i gave him a bendryl and they seemed to have gone away.... for that minute...
  10. Pictures
    upppp we go. Nismo is starting to get back into the summer routine.
  11. Pictures
    Tiva is about 6 months old now and around 35 #'s. Nismo will be 2 in august, i cant believe that. sarah and I finally got around to taking the camara with us on our outing today. finally :roll: Sativa: She "stalks" EVERYTHING lol still a pretty girl Nismo, working on getting his winter...
  12. Pictures
    Nismo Sativa which will be 5 months next week. Vote for Sativa in this months Puppy contest! :woof: man: Sativa @ 9 weeks and now @ 19 weeks
  13. General Discussion
    So During my first trimester I was really lazy. And it was rainy so we didn't do much walking. Now its been bright and Sunny here in Washington. So I've been walking the dogs at least once a day. Well I personally walk them separately, even though Trev thinks I would be fine walking them...
  14. Pictures
    Aren't I cute? wait, you just no? Say something else! my smiley boy all better see the pink on his lip? some action shots in the backyard, its quite nice today ;) get your mind outta the gutter look @ my buff lil girlie at 14 wks nismo not letting her forget who the boss dog is around...
  15. General Discussion
    i went to a party tonight i left nismo in hes crate for 5 hours. got home, he has hives like no other, swollen lip, now he has a gray mass on his lip, shaking pretty bad, 104.4 temp and wont walk around. his fur is raised up and he just looks pissed off. i came home all sorts of drunk, but...
  16. Pictures
    weird face and a couple vids Heres a couple fish in my tank. jack demsey black belt; he's the type that makes you afraid to clean the tank. and one of my pleko's, he's about 10"
  17. Pictures
    here's some over the coarse of the last week. sativa is getting pretty big. tho i am having trouble getting her to eat. she has an appt. on monday with the vet. she's 12 wks yesterday. she's getting a lot of color he's a happy boy going for a walk idk whats up with her wide stance here...
  18. Pictures
    here are some i've takin the last week Pretty Girl Sativa and Odis will play for HOURS! She'll hang on to that rope no matter what. Nismo flings her all over the place NISMO! and PUUUULLLLLL Sarah and Nismo thanks for looking!:woof:
  19. Pictures
    Well i know it took me long enough to finally get hooked up with the net. I see there are many new members. funny how you miss a couple months and you dont recognize most the people posting. lol. but i look forward to getting to know everyone and there dogs. as far as at home we're enjoying our...
  20. General Discussion
    Well today sarah woke up and fed nismo at about 8 am. we left home and put nismo in his crate at about 1030 am. came back at about 12, get nismo out of his crate to go potty. i saw all these big, and little bumps all over him. at first i was thinking it was the food that he's having a allergic...
1-20 of 39 Results