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  1. General Discussion
    Hi guys does anyone know if the guy from Nizmo(don't know his name) is anywhere to be found? I heard he made great collars and I wanted to purchase one. I messaged him on Facebook a couple of days ago and had no response. I needed to a collar so I just got one from Stillwater kennels. I like...
  2. Pictures
    Lady's Nizmo collar came in yesterday. I tried to take some quick pictures inside, but she didn't want to stay still. I will get some more outdoors today. I think it looks great. Can I leave this collar on her at all times? Or is it too thick to keep on her?
  3. General Discussion
    I ordered a collar from Nizmo when I adopted my dog over 2 months ago, and still have not received it. I have sent numerous emails and pm's, and he only answered to one (about 3 weeks after I made the order) saying it would be shipped out the next day, which it obviously was not. Anyone know...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey just wondering if anyone knows if they are on vacation? Or what the deal is?... I'm not upset at all just curious since it's already taken my money out of my account :/
  5. Products / Services
    Hi there! This is Sarah, Nizmo's ex-wife, filling in for him while he is unfortunately in the hospital yet again with his crohn's disease flaring. We hope to have him out within the next few days. After the most recent show, Oregon's Own Bully Bash we have a few left over products that we...
  6. Pictures
    Got Odin's new collar from Nizmo (who rocks by the way) and then made him a spring pole as well. Took some pics and wanted to share them with y'all. and some older ones i liked and wanted to share :D Cheers! :cheers:
  7. Pictures
    I asked Trevor to make an amazing collar for my best friends Lab puppy. So, here's my "nephew" Gus Gus aka Gustov aka Gus Gustopherson... I also asked him to pimp out my GF's Chihuahua. So, here's Chili dog aka the Devil rocking her new Nizmo collar... Thanks again Trevor for all that...
  8. Pictures
    thanks a bunch Trev, came out exactly how i pictured it in my mind.. will be ordering 2 more next month sometime better shot of the collar
  9. Pictures
    I got this collar a few months ago but now that it's a gorgeous 70 degrees today I was able to get some real good shots of Bella in her new gear! Pacifica blue on grape purple with leather lining. Totally hardcore and built to last!! Thanks Trev! :cheers: Bringing SEXY back ;)
  10. Pictures
    Trevor is THE best collar maker EVER!! No joke, this is collar number 2 for my boy. And the young lady is my oldest daughter Darby all done up for her Allstar Cheer Comp at Wide World of Sports today. Freedom Allstars will be on ESPN in a few weeks. They were on Sun Channel last year. :)
  11. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Happy bday playa! Enjoy your day Trev!
  12. Pictures
    Well we got collars for everyone ( except Spock he had his already) so here is all the Niz gear! These are the best collars I have owned so far and will be keeping Niz as my man collar man ;) You can't see Spocks Collar but I am posting him anyhow ;) Faith Xena Crixus Snoop...
  13. Pictures
    & one of him in his Pumpkin collar. Some of my Nizmo Gear.
  14. Pictures
    just thought id share a few of Kali's new Nizmo Red Collar :)
  15. Pictures
    Well it FINALLY got here (j/k niz... sorta) But looks awesome! We'll both be cheering actively against Vick and the Eagles this upcoming Sunday. Sort of crappy cell phone pictures - so sorry.
  16. General Discussion
    I am very excited and pleased to say that I placed my order for a custom set from Trevor (Nizmo's K9 Supply) We are doing a 3 piece set for my boy O'Malley in black base with lime green. -Pulling/Working harness with tracers/spreader -2" collar -Matching 18" leash I'm so excited its...
  17. Pictures
    Just got Crush's new collar today love the camo on him color works perfect , Thank you as always you did awesome work :)
  18. Pictures
    Part of my birthday gift was receiving Roller's new gear!! Trevor, we can't thank you enough for the equipment!! I love it, and it looks great on Roller! He's still got some growing to do, and that's okay. It fits him great. Thank you so much!!
  19. Pictures
    Few shots I tried to snap of Kane. He really wasn't into it today, didn't help like 5 of his doggie friends walked by. I really picked a bad spot to try to snap a few photos, but figured i'd share anyways. At least he stayed in the same spot. Here is where he about got fed up with it hahah
  20. Pictures
    Okay, so my sick self was sleeping in bed with the dogs when Hubs came in and woke me up. Waking up to a package of Nizmo Harnesses was pretty awesome! Love how super rugged they are. Hopefully these won't get chewed up like Mya's last one... lol Hopefully I'm not still sick this...
1-20 of 46 Results