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  1. pitbull behavior
    I'm confused about my dogs body language. Ive been reading about canine communication and have been taking some notes about everyday body language. Recently I had a friend go out of town who needs me to watch his pitbulls for a week. He lives next door and I'm off all week so I've been bringing...
  2. Pictures
    Just picked up this mixed pit. Parents were (mother)Brown nose (father)Red nose, other than that I dont know the breed. I will love her non the less. Have been doing tons of research to raise this pup into a loving loyal companion. Any feedback is welcomed Thanks,
  3. General Discussion
    ok well ive been reading lots on your site getting alot of good info about good pitbull kennels and bad ones it seems like not alot of people here like the bigger style bully i need some help for some reason i do ive been checking out http://www.worldclassk-9.com/ and mrpitbull.com now wondering...
  4. Pictures
    Picked this guy up from Inf602 last night. He's co-owned with Golden Bully Kennels. This is Empire Oh and Lugz got the mop :mad:
  5. General Discussion
    I would like to know if there are any decent or known game dog kennels/ breeders in illinois.if any one can let me know. thanks (just a general question.)
  6. General Discussion
    Just wondering if there are any good kennels in Illinois breeding game dogs all i ever see are bullies. i'm not looking to buy one because my first apbt will be a rescue dog. but maybe down the line i would like to buy a nice game dog. im just curios because in old dog storys i have read i did...
  7. General Discussion
    hey wassup fell0ow pitbull owners i own a full bred red nose pitbull..i came here to learn more ways me and my dog can become closer..and learn different things i can do to help my dog
1-7 of 11 Results