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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    PALMETTO STATE APBTC (NC) Friday, April 11, 2014 Location: Haywood County Fairgrounds 758 Crabtree Rd. Waynesville, NC28785 The Palmetto State APBTC will host 1 weight pull on Friday night, 2 conformation shows and 1 weight pull on Saturday, and 1 conformation show and 1 weight pull on Sunday...
  2. Pictures
    We went up to the Superior North Shore this weekend. Camped and hiked Tettegouche and Split Rock. It was a photo-fail trip, butttt here we go! It was a lot of fun. Poor feet... Lake Superior: The closest thing we have to an ocean. It is freezing in the summer. Even worse in the...
  3. General Discussion
    Raise up! Ha. I noticed there are a lot. Where is everyone? And we so need to meet up at the shows!! I am in Morganton which is western NC
  4. General Discussion
    Does anyone have a favorite place to go for ear cropping in the Raleigh area of NC? Thanks!!
  5. Pictures
    We had a lot of fun today, I was told there were only a few dogs at this event last year, this time there were over 40. I believe we had 4 heats each time, and ended up having to start the latter jumps later than planned because it was taking so long. Dakota's best for the weekend was the same...
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    Online Registry is up Splash Dogs - North State Sportsman Expo 2012 Registration We plan on being there all day Sunday, we'd love to meet anyone who plans on coming out. Quite excited, I believe several members from here plan on attending as well.:woof:
  7. Adopt a Bulls
    Anyone around Dallas area want a free to good home 3 month old pit (more than likely an American Bully honestly)? He has no papers, but he needs a good home.... His owner can no longer keep him... I don't know where to post this.. So, I thought I'd at least put it on here.. Wish I could take...
  8. Pictures
    We spent the weekend at the family cottage amusing Maggie.
  9. Events, Results & Photos
    Are there any weight pull events in north carolina.
  10. Pictures
    Here are some pictures of Rufus ejoying a nice fall day in upstate NY. Enjoy!
  11. Events, Results & Photos
    any one know about where the dog show in greensboro north carolina on October 2nd is going to be held
  12. Pictures
    Ryker Running his mouth...as usual. Lyric - who's finally decided WP isn't so bad. Luna Blitz Brooklyn Buddy Colby Hoo Knuckles Lady (Gawd, I love this girl!) Pebbles Petey Pow Younger pup learning the ropes and showing phenomenal form.
1-12 of 36 Results