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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Noses, Bloodlines and Terms Red nose: Red nose is a term that is often used to describe a dog that has a "red" nose. I often see dogs of all colors called red nosed pit bulls when in fact, they're not. A red nosed dog can refer to an OFRN (Old Family Red Nosed) American Pit Bull Terrier...
  2. Pictures
    Anyone else have a Pit with a multi colored nose???? Heres my boy...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    This morning Lily looked normal but after playing a bit with Leo outside I noticed a big blue and red spot under the fur on her snout and she cries if I touch it... could she have broken her nose? Or what could it be? Its concerning...
  4. General Discussion
    In my area I have seen all kinds of colors in pitbulls. I even knew a pitbull that lived 18 years. One thing I have not seen is a red nose brindle in color. Has any of you seen a brindle red nose?
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Ok bears nose is wet and cold and Kaiyas nose is dry dry not at all wet.... this concerns me but she shows no signs of a cold or URI she isnt coughing sneezing or anything, the only thing is when she wakes up in the morning she has a little bit of eye discharge but nothing crazy and its only...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    This might sound dumb but you know some pitbulls have different color noses like red and blu or w.e if they have a black nose can you tell what kind of pit they are or would you still need a pedegree
1-6 of 7 Results