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  1. Pictures
    My baby girl Nova has a hard time being away from me. I can’t go to my room and close the bedroom door or else she will bark and cry as well as pee. Anytime I leave her in a room and I’m not there she tried to follow me.. I was told it was a bad thing for her to be SO attached to me. I’m not...
  2. Weight Pulling
    Had a weight pull training session yesterday with my girl Nova. Pulled 16 times, she pulled up to about 450lbs easy. I used a ball to lead her, it was like she wasn't even attached to weight. Can't wait to do it again!
  3. General Discussion
    I know you guys probably don't remember me but I'm back I last introduced my dog shortly after 5 1/2 weeks of age
  4. Pictures
    Some flirt pole action
  5. Pictures
    Nova is a now 6 week old apbt and American bully mix, I absolutely love her and she is so beautiful this will be very photo heavy
  6. General Discussion
    She loves her flirt pole. I took her for a walk today pulling a chain with a 5lb weight on it and she still has crazy energy!! She wants to play with her flirt pole!
  7. Pictures
    More up to date pictures on the daily on our instagram! (link below) Instagram
  8. Obedience Training
    Hello, I just brought home two eight-week-old APBT pups and am interested in starting them immediately at the best obedience school I can find. I would appreciate all recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  9. BSL Discussion
    Dartmouth councillor Gloria McCluskey intends to ask the city officials to consider strengthening bylaws governing aggressive dogs so careless animal owners will take notice. While her proposal to increase fines and penalties for irresponsible dog owners is certainly acceptable and encouraged...
  10. Positive Pitbull News
    Lawyer: No such breed as pit bull By JIM MacDONALD GUYSBOROUGH - Dog owners Marilyn and Willard Cameron have unleashed a lawyer to attack the credibility of legislation that could exile their family pet. The couple went on trial Wednesday on charges of having a fierce or dangerous dog - Zeus...
1-11 of 11 Results