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    Legislative Action Center | Best Friends Animal Society This bill would require law enforcement to adopt written policies regarding encounters with pets and the way in which a peace officer can control or neutralize the situation with an aggressive pet that uses the least amount of force or...
  2. General Discussion
    If I have a pup from a 3 pup litter It's better then a 10 pup litter ? Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  3. General Discussion
    Do you have a personal "limit" on dogs you will own at one time? I notice a lot of members have... several dogs in their sigs! My max limit would be two I think. One for now is working out just fine! :) I don't know how ya'll keep up with more than 3 at a time! lol
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    I saw on tv a number that you can text and you can ask any question Does any one know the number?
  5. BSL Discussion
    This bill will make it unbareable for dog owners by stiff cost and if your dog has one complant must be fixed. Ridicilous. I think they could have done a better job on this bill American Kennel Club News Article California Senate Bill 250 Penalizes Owners of Intact Animals Date of Article...
  6. General Discussion
    1 800-806-6453 This is the # to Nike. Call them and tell them to drop Michael Vicks!!!! Tell them that you will never again buy a Nike product if they choose to keep the A**Hole! Call them a few times tell them there are millions of other role models out there that are worthy of selling the...